Co2 Flooding System

High pressure CO2 system is a specialized fire extinguishing system designed to maintain the carbon dioxide supply at 21º C and 850 psig in strength alloy steel cylinders. The cylinders contain the CO2 required to protect the largest single hazard. This system consists of three basic components.

Detection – This process is done via either of the two ways i.e. Mechanical or Electrical. In mechanical process, detection is done by fusible links while electrical process employs heat detectors to sense the fire ignition
Actuation – This component of fire suppression system deals with triggering of the extinguishing agent via release valves or pumps
Delivery – Delivery of the extinguishing agent is done through piping & nozzles to the affected area

Applications :

  • Paint and varnish manufacturing and processing areas.
  • Powder coating and Painting booth.
  • Transformers and substations.
  • Rolling mills and Turbines.
  • False Floors and cable shafts.
  • Engine test benches and SHIP Engine Room / compartments.
  • Printing machines.


Clean Agent System

The benefits of a Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System are speed in suppressing fires, reducing damages, saving on floor space and allowing visibility. It leaves no residue and doesn’t require costly clean-up, unlike sprinklers and other fire protection systems. Our systems are designed to extinguish a fire quickly and effectively thus allowing businesses to continue operating with minimal interruptions.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems are great in applications ranging from telecommunications and data processing to switch gear rooms, military applications and cell sites to high-tech medical applications.

 Applications :

Computer rooms, electrical equipment rooms/centers, industrial areas, valued material storages, archives, museums, telecommunication equipment rooms, oil and gas industry, turbine cabinets.

1. Master Cylinder
2. Slave Cylinder
3. Abort Button
4. Control Panel
5. Warning Sign
6. Warning Sign
7. Siren
8. Zone 1 Detector
9. Zone 2 Detector
10. Piping
11. Nozzle
12. Pressure Switch
13. Manifold
14. Discharge Hose


Kitchen Wet Chemical System

The Kitchen Fire Suppression System is designed to provide fire protection in hoods and ducts of cooking appliances for restaurants. This System suppresses fire by spraying the Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant on the plenum area, the filters, cooking surfaces, and the exhaust duct system with a predetermined flow rate. When the liquid agent is discharged onto a cooking appliance fire, it cools the grease surface, and reacts with the hot grease (saponification) forming a layer of soap-like foam on the surface of the fat. This layer acts as insulation between the hot grease and the atmosphere, thus helping to prevent the escape of combustible vapors. The system is designed as a hybrid (agent and water) system.
Upon actuation, agent is discharged onto the hazard area. Immediately following discharge, the waterline system is activated and it allows water to flow onto the same hazard areas, continually refurbishing the foam blanket and cooling the hot appliance to prevent reignition. 


Automatic Fire Sense System

Direct Firessense System :

The FIRESSENSE Direct system is ideal for localised applications such as electrical panels, server racks; industrial machines etc. In the Direct system at the time of fire the heat sensitive polymer tubing attached to the Firessense system itself burst at a particular temperature forming a small nozzle & from this nozzle the clean agent extinguishant is released flooding the localised area and instantly douses the fire.

InDirect Firessense System :

In the Indirect system, heat sensitive polymer tubing acts only as a detection device. In this method at the time of fire the heat sensitive polymer tubing attached to the Firessense system detects the fire and operates the Firessense system valve and the extinguishant is delivered through steel pipes and the entire area is flooded through nozzles attached to the pipes.

System Features :

  • Safe against malfunction.
  • System activates automatically.
  • Extinguishes fire at an early stage.
  • Simple self-activating system without human intervention.
  • Linear Heat Detection – senses fire anywhere along the entire length of the fire detection Tube.
  • More reliable as system does not rely on complex electronics or moving parts.
  • System does not need external power supply for detection and extinguishing of fire.
  • Easy to maintain because of simple construction.

Application :

  • Electrical Panel
  • CNC Machine
  • Cable Trays
  • Server Rack