About LL.SS Fire

Started in 2008, LL.SS Fire Solutions Pvt. Ltd., operated out of a small rented space in Coimbatore, sold and serviced portable fire extinguisher. Our Services & offerings grew multi-fold based on satisfaction & trust in our Product delivery. By 2009, we expanded our portfolio to include E2E Firefighting & Protection Systems through repeated Customer orders & highly satisfied clientele.

Our ability to deliver a complete package of ONE STOP SOLUTION in fire protection, safety and prevention including fire alarms, fire extinguisher, hose reels, hydrants, fire drill, detection system, fire suppression system, safety equipment, maintenance services has made us one of the most reputed & trustworthy Fire Engineering services company in Tamil Nadu.

Throughout the year, we have completed several Major & Minor projects in commercial & industrial buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, government establishments, residential colonies and religious centres. It is our intent to provide best service in ensuring our projects are completed on budget and on time.

Our Values
We value :

  • Listening to our client’s needs and priorities.
  •  Appropriate & Long term solutions to meet client objectives.
  •  Strict adherence to the code of ethics in our professional associations.
  •  Continuous improvement in the quality of our services.
  •  Health & Safety of our clients and our employees.
  •  Continuing education for professional staff development.

Our Mission
To undertake fire protection engineering business with focus on excellence in every aspect to meet customer’s stringent requirements on quality, on-time delivery, safety and environmental concerns through cost effective approach

To dedicate our efforts to the safety & protection of our community’s existence from all hazards through a well-trained, professional & rapid response team seeking opportunity to serve and placing others before self.

To build value for the organization through innovative & value added contributions

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a trusted leader in fire safety through the development of technical staff excellence, establishing a high level of ethical practice and working with our clients to meet their safety objectives.



We specialize in consulting and design, supplying and install, testing and commission, servicing and maintain, training and coaching of fire protection systems.